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Disapproved items

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My product list is made up of single, one-off, hand-carved items. I cant find any Google Product Identifier for this category of goods. I assumed it falls under custom goods. But the taxonomy says a GPI is not required for custom goods.  My feed items have been disapproved for missing GPI for all of my products.


What can I do to comply?


I will be happy to identify them as whatever Google desires.

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Re: Disapproved items

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Custom goods require no GTIN, have you added a column identifier exists and added false?

This is required for custom goods.

Kind regards, Emmanuel

Re: Disapproved items

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Yes. I have a column under identifier exists and have entered in each row, FALSE. So I guess that is not the problem.

Re: Disapproved items

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Yes, I created an "identifier exists" column and have entered "FALSE" in
each row.

Incidentally, I am using a Google spreadsheet to upload data feed.

William Waites

Re: Disapproved items

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have you removed the values in columns Brand, GTIN, MPN for items that have identifier false as false?
This could create a conflict.

What errors are you seeing in your Data Feed error report and Diagnostics Item report.

You can follow a guide on Google how to export google merchant error report

I am more than happy to have a look at the report for you.

Re: Disapproved items

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Yes. The

Aboriginals: Art of the First Person
Fine Tribal Art from Africa, Australia,
Native America and the Arctic

Re: Disapproved items

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The solution was that there IS a google product group but it is somewhat obscure. Arts & Entertainment>hobbies>collectibles . I added the column and used that as the data input and the google product group problem went away. Thanks for your help.

Re: Disapproved items

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first, thank you for updating the forum and that sounds like good news.

a few small side notes --

mpn, gtin, brand (global-trade-data) and identifier_exists
have nothing whatever to do with google_product_category --
these are entirely separate attributes and concepts.

any item, such as artwork, without valid global-trade-data, from a
manufacturer, should be submitted with identifier_exists FALSE
and do not require, and should not be submitted with, any mpn,
gtin, or brand values.

if all items do not have any valid global-trade-data then, the
mpn, brand, and gtin attributes (columns) may be deleted
altogether from the (spreadsheet) feed and identifier_exists
must be FALSE for all items.

a google_product_category value identifies the physical item category,
helps determine what other attributes must be submitted, and might

also help with a bidding strategy in the auctions.

a google_product_category value for an item
must be submitted exactly as google defines;
Arts & Entertainment > Hobbies & Creative Arts > Collectibles
Home & Garden > Decor > Artwork > Sculptures & Statues

the product_type attribute serves a similar purpose -- but
allows an optional, private, taxonomy value to be submitted;
artwork > hand carved > folk art > american folk art > whirligigs

see also