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Disapproved items -- For using the word "Black"

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The approval mechanism for products is broken. Embarrassingly so.


I operate a site that sells comic books--primarily all-ages friendly stuff, with adult products clearly called out in another category entirely.


Currently, the screening algorithm is rejecting all manner of kids comics (e.g. Thundercats clone "Animax"), as well as random issues of such mainstream titles as The Amazing Spider-Man and The Avengers. I have a long list of apparent exclusions should anyone at Google care to investigate it.


But perhaps the most embarrassing use of overly broad  exclusion is that every comic title I submit with the word "Black" as part of it is being rejected. I.e. "Batman: Blackgate", "The Black Knight", "The Black Widow", "Black Panther', etc.


I've attempted to reach out to Google Support via phone on this on numerous occasions, only to be told I should change the title or description to remove the offensive words. Is Google now saying "Black" is offensive?


Folks, this is ridiculous. You need to get this fixed immediately.

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Re: Disapproved items -- For using the word "Black"

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yes, the automated policy detection systems can flag
double entendre, potentially offensive, and many other
related figures of speech, out of context.

as was indicated, about the only way to approach the issue
is to subtract or substitute such suspected words or phrases,
or to add words or phrases that might offer a clearer context --

essentially, trial-and-error until the flag is removed.


Amazing Spider-Man #86 Comic Book The Black Widow Psa/Dna W18767


sometimes, adding an adult attribute with a value of TRUE to

specific items may remove the flag, depending on the context.


also, all attributes related to the product may be inspected;

so any context added or subtracted should usually be done

with respect to all values submitted.

google does read the forums and is generally aware of
the behavior; but any algorithmic updates are typically
not anywhere near immediate nor made public.