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Disapprove PLAs robots restriction

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Google has started to disapprove ads and reason for that it says 'Images cannot be crawled because of robots restriction'. Resulting decrease in our Revenue.
For this we have updated our robots (week ago) tested (image URLs) by Google Web-master Tool but still the issue is not resolved.


Have a look at our updated (current) Robots

# robots.txt for
User-Agent: *
Disallow: /checkout/cart/*
Disallow: /pricing-policy*
Disallow: /customer/account/login/*
Disallow: /*?size*
Disallow: /*?color*
Disallow: /*?limit*
Disallow: /*?dir*
Disallow: /*catalogsearch*
Disallow: /*?season*
Disallow: /*?manufacturer*

User-agent: Googlebot

User-agent: Googlebot-Image


Our images (URL path) are under media/catalog


Can anyone let me know whether my current Robots is blocking image URLs or not.

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Re: Disapprove PLAs robots restriction

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that same error may have nothing whatever to do with robots.txt --
google may simply take a few weeks or so to update the account.

also, be certain that the image_link values are truly static image files.

some shopping-cart systems auto-generate or cache images with dynamic
files or dynamic image names -- if so, google may not be able to properly
crawl such files; and typically, either the submitted data must be kept in
sync each time the catalog is re-generated or, potentially all image files
must be moved or copied to more static files in a more static location.

look for image_link url values with auto-generated looking names such as:

as opposed to more static files such as --

also, check each error against the corresponding image_link url value --
some crawls may simply take 24-72 hours or so to fully complete and

a few weeks or more to update the account.

however, a single disapproval can be for many multiple issues;
unfortunately, forum members cannot look into the feed or account --
before making any changes, the best likely course would be to
simply contact a support specialist directly.


if a third-party is involved in handling the website or feed

then, the third-party support-group should likely also be

contacted directly for guidance.