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Disapprovals dues to promotional text/watermarks

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Anyone else having a lack of response from Google regarding Disapproved products due to Watermarks?

We have stripped the entire site of watermarks, but some products have the manufacturing name/logo and I believe that Google's AI are seeing this and disapproving.

I do not believe a real human is even looking and I just get the standard automated email.

Then when someone does call, they say "I will escalate your issue and someone will contact you in 24 hours".......72 hours since my last call and guess what..... no reply.

Any advise appreciate.

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Re: Disapprovals dues to promotional text/watermarks

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generally, product images with manufacturing names/logos

are only allowed if the actual product shows the exact same

identifying details during normal usage -- if all other image

requirements are met, a hand-review may still be required.

otherwise, yes, there is no way to force the automated
detection systems to recognize such product subtleties --

sometimes, how an item is positioned, angled, or lighted,

in the photograph, may help.

posting, here in public, the specific image_link url's and
landing-pages, related to the disapproval, may allow
other forum-members to offer more specific suggestions --

be certain there are no other related issues being flagged.

otherwise, if the image has been corrected, enough for the automated
systems to recognize the changes, then typically the image file's details
must also be changed enough to force a re-review.

for example, move the image-file into a different directory/folder,
rename the image file, and add a random url parameter -- then

resubmit  the data with the updated image_link url's; for example:

also, be certain any and all alternate images submitted also conform to
all policies, and are similarly changed, if the image has been updated.

then, verify the images within the products-list-tab of the
merchant-center are showing the updated images, by

clicking  on the item's title.

otherwise, some re-reviews and image re-caching
tasks may take on the order of a few months or so.

if there is no reply from google, consider using chat, phone, and
the disapproval-form, weekdays, during normal business-hours.

in some cases, if all the issues cannot be resolved, removing such items
and using other campaign-types or ad-formats, may need to be considered.


Disapprovals dues to promotional text/watermarks

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Looking at your images, the violation seems to be related to the background. Google requires images to have a solid background ether transparent or white.


Although your violation highlights watermark, looking at your images, it is related to the background.


You can check the requirements here:


I recommend you change the images to follow the policies, then submit a request for approval here:

Explaining you have changed the images to follow Google's requirements.


You can use a different image then you have on your product landing page, as long as it is the same product. So you can choose to either update the data feed itself with a different image (if the system you use supports this), or use a supplement feed to change the image.

For supplement feeds, more info here:


Hope this helps.

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Disapprovals dues to promotional text/watermarks

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I had this issue once and you will have to talk to google and let them know some are logos that's part of the product. they won't fix it completely if its lot of items but most of them will be fixed.