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Destination statuses and data quality issues

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I'm starting to use Google's Shopping API to deal with data quality issues with our products. Some of our products are returning critical data quality issues, but the product is marked as "approved" on Google shopping.


In our feed settings, our products are only enabled for shopping, so I'm wondering how this data quality issue effects the product? Here are the relevant json snippets showing the statuses/issues for a particular item.


"destinationStatuses": [
   "destination": "Shopping",
   "intention": "optional",
   "approvalStatus": "approved"
 "dataQualityIssues": [
   "id": "general_spam_policy",
   "severity": "critical",
   "timestamp": "2016-10-16T07:39:42Z"

Since this product is approved and searchable in shopping, can I just ignore the data quality issue?

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Destination statuses and data quality issues

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Hi @Benedict N,


Anything marked critical needs to be addressed right away as these items have issues to resolve. Use the info they provide to better understand what is wrong with each item. 


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Destination statuses and data quality issues

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My real question here is: why do some products that are marked as having critical data quality issues like this one get marked as approved for Google Shopping, where as other products with exactly the same data quality issue get declined?


I'm not sure if this is because the data quality issues retrieved via the API are out of date or there's something else going on here.


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Re: Destination statuses and data quality issues

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data-quality-issues do not necessarily result
in an item being disapproved immediately.


for example, depending on the item, a data-quality issue may be
flagged while the item is still approved, due to a warning-period.


items that are flagged with a severity of critical or error
may remain with an approved status and still continue
to appear as a shopping-ad during the warning-period;
typically, four to seven days depending on the issue --
check any emails from google for any account-specific
time frames that have been assigned.


during the warning-period google expects a long-term solution
to be implemented so that the issue will no longer be flagged,
now and in the future, and the item re-submitted (re-inserted).


if the issue is not resolved within the warning
period, the item may then be disapproved.


a disapproval can happen for policy, specification, or quality related issues.


too many or too frequent disapprovals, especially for the same
issue, may result in a permanent suspension from the program.


perhaps importantly, the api product-status and merchant-center
product and diagnostics status information are not the same --
issues related to validation, may show in one but not the other.


also note that different destinations can have different validation-intentions;
there may be multiple destinations and an item-offer can be approved for one
destination while disapproved for others -- since there are usually different
policies, specifications, and quality related rules for each destination.


as an aside, be certain that the id value
for an inventory item never changes --
that will adversely affect status details.


that said, issues related to the api are better addressed in the api forums: