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Data quality issue - API vs. GM UI

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We are receiving following Data Quality Issues (via Content API for Shopping) on several of our GM accounts:


It looks like we are receiving them via API and cannot find them in the Diagnostics page or Data Feed page in the GM UI.  Can you please provide a definition of what these errors mean and how to avoid them?

Just to clarify, we are not uploading product data feed using API, we are uploading a feed file directly in the GM account (via FTP option in UI). However, we are using the API to get the Data Quality issue in our system.


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Data quality issue - API vs. GM UI

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these flags usually mean that the items are not following
all the rules and policies related to variant items --
such as submitting the same image for color variants,
or not properly submitting an item_group_id attribute
for all items in a variant group, risking disapproval.

about the only way to discover and fix the potential issue
is to inspect each and every attribute and each and every
possible physical variant-product, against all the variant

related rules, policies, and recommendations.

checking all data under the products-tab may also help.

the diagnostics-tab is mainly for long-term historical-log to help
uncover the root-cause of a rather narrow-range of issues so those
specific issues are fixed permanently and never reoccur, to avoid
disapproval or suspension-- not all issues may be reported there.

otherwise, this is a known-issue with the api and google's content-api-forum
is the appropriate place to address the specific error-reporting and to ask
for an update with respect to those specific messages.

see also!forum/google-content-api-for-shopping


Data quality issue - API vs. GM UI

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Hi Celebird,


Thanks for your quick reply.


I had tried first on the google's content-api-forum, by posting queries on the existing post but, haven't got any reply. One of the similar post is here,!topic/google-content-api-for-shopping/qFFznb6LOV0


but, no clear information about the issue on this post and at the end, they suggest to go to the Google Shopping and Merchant Center forum.




Re: Data quality issue - API vs. GM UI

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first, you're welcome.


as was indicated, the issue of the content-api returning the messages
will be handled in the content-api forum by the google api-teams --

the api-messages may or may not be reporting proper information

and is a known (api) issue.


if the messages are proper then, as was indicated, the why
usually relates to violating some aspect of item_group_id
and related variant-product rules, guidelines, or policies --

such as submitting improper images, improper variant

attributes or values, or improper item_group_id values.


note that forum-members cannot look into any submitted data or accounts.


generally, the api-team will not address rules, policies, or disapproval issues.