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Data feed attribute rules help needed

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HI there,

When uploading a data feed file to Google Merchant I am getting errors for some items - "Value too long in attribute: description". How can I limit a description by not editing it on my site or data feed file? I assume there is a feature - add rule to an attribute (description in this case) by limiting its value. Any help as to how/what value to add to the rule to limit description under Google Merchant > Attributes > Rules?

Thank you!

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Re: Data feed attribute rules help needed

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Hi Vova,

Please find below the URL for more detail about Rules. Our Shopping Campaign Top Contributor @Celebird will describe more about this. I am tagging this to Celebird.

About Feed Rules -
Set up Feed Rules -


Re: Data feed attribute rules help needed

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the message value-too-long, with respect to description,
usually indicates that the description contains formatting
information, or the value is on more than a single line, or
the value exceeds the maximum length allowed, or some
combination of all of these issues.

all content submitted should be in plain text --
without any javascript, without html, without css,
and without any formatting whatsoever.

google decides all format and display of all product-listing-ads.

as the specification indicates, the maximum
length of a description is 5,000 characters --
the recommended length is 500-1000 characters.

generally, use plain ascii text without
any formatting, for all submitted data.

Re: Data feed attribute rules help needed

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Thank you for the response. I understand what you say. However, why other items are being processed ok, but some are not ok? They all created in the same fashion. I assume, those which are not approved, are larger ones, contain more text. So, the question I have: how can I create a rule on Google Merchant to limit descriptions. What values do I use? Thanks.

Re: Data feed attribute rules help needed

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Thank you for the links provided. However, my question remains: how do I create a rule in order to shorten descriptions to fit into Google Merchant maximum length allowed? I need to know what values to put into the rule to shorten description. I don't see related info at the Set Up Feed Rules page. Thank you.

Re: Data feed attribute rules help needed

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first, you're welcome.

the other descriptions likely have the same similar issue
and should be corrected -- all data should be stripped of
any and all formating.

be certain to hand-inspect all data for any
html tags or related formatting -- even if
the items are not being flagged by google.

if a feed file is being used, try downloading the feed file
and inspecting the raw data within a browser-window to
verify that all data is plain text, without any formatting.

some items may seem ok depending on a specific description's length or details.

all javascript, html, css, and all similar formatting should
be removed from all submitted data; only plain text should
be submitted for all attributes and all values, but most
especially for title and description.

feed-rules cannot be used to change data in this way --
unless a separate attribute is submitted that contains
the raw text, without any formatting;

generally, google does not want this:
<h2><bold>red</bold>wagon<br/>with <blah>wheels---</blah></h2>

google wants this:
Red wagon with black six inch wheels.

exactly how this is done depends on how the data is being submitted.


otherwise, such items may be removed altogether

until a more robust, long-term, solution is found.