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Creating the first feed

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Hello. Can someone help me to understand how do I create a google feed? Do I have to use Excel or something similar and type in all information about each product (id, description, color, taxes etc.)? I have online store with thousands products and I wonder how do I import it to Google Shopping? 

Please help me because it sounds like it may take me a few years to do it.

Re: Creating the first feed

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Hello Christina,

big companies usually generate this feeds automatically and do not create every single item. Of course that requires help from programmators, who will create rules so the name of the product would be generated into title, but it cannot be longer than 150 characters. And once all the rules are defined, then you can generate new feed how often you want and it will take always fresh data right from your database.


Re: Creating the first feed

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Hi Christina

In order to create a feed, you can use a multitude of options. Many
shopping carts have plugins available in order to export the data required
for Google Shopping, however, many of these are outdated, so you must
ensure you check the feed requirements and policies in place for your
product category before proceeding with any uploads.

If the shopping cart itself does not have an option in-built, at times you
can purchase an additional option within the companies extensions in order
to achieve an export.

Manual feeds can be created, however, for any item count over 100 this can
be messy and very time consuming, especially if your stock levels or
pricing change frequently.

Another option is to obviously have a developer (in-house or external) take
an export of your store catalog/database and create a feed from this data.
Again, ensure the policy and feed specs are met.

If you can provide more details about what platform your website is
currently running on, then I can possibly advise the best way for a feed
creation to take place.