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Creating product filters

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I'm running a dynamic remarketing campaign on the display network.


I want to create separate campaigns for home furniture and for garden furniture.


How should a I fill in merchant center data so I am able to create filters in Adwords ? 


P.S I tried to indicate the product type in Merchant Center, then created filter in Adwords, but this doesn't work.


Can anyone help me? 

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Creating product filters

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shopping-ads and dynamic-ads are separate targets within the merchant-center.

be certain that both product_type and google_product_category
are being properly populated within the submitted data (feed).

verify there is only one, single, feed registered with google --
all submitted (feed) data flows into the one linked ad-account.

click on the item's title within the products-list-tab of the
merchant-center-account and inspect the shopping-ads status,
and dynamic-remarketing status, near the top; then, click on the
information-you-provided-us link to verify the product type
and google product category attributes -- be certain that
proper > breadcrumbs are being used and there is only

one, single, product type attribute:

to separate home from garden furniture for dynamic-remarketing-campain filters,
simply be certain that the items have been reviewed by google, have a proper
active status for both shopping-ads and dynamic-ads, and breadcrumb > values
have been properly processed, before creating a filter.

the inventory-filter must match the submitted (feed) data, exactly.

that said, for remarketing-campains, filters are not recommended
since filters rather defeat google's machine-learning algorithms
that are a central component of dynamic-remarketng functionality --
filters are mainly for shopping-campaigns to separate sets of items
and exclude those product-sets from a bidding-strategy.

unlike shopping-campaigns, remarketing-campaigns do not use product-groups;

rather, tags on the website help determine which products will be re-advertised;
remarketing-lists in the ad-account are then populated using the tag information;
feed-data is used to simply create the ad's content.

simply be certain that all wanted items pass the review for dynamic-ads --
check the item's dynamic-ad status by clicking on the item's title, under
the products-tab, within the merchant-center-account.

verify the dynamic-remarketing campaign has a business-type of retail.

verify the overall remarketing set-up has tags, lists, and dynamic-ads:

- be certain the proper tags are installed on the website --
e.g. verify that ecomm_pagetype = 'product' has been added
to each product item's link landing-page, on the website.

- be certain the re-marketing-lists match the business's goals --
e.g. verify the product-viewers remarketing-lists are being populated;

- be certain the feed data is live and matches the selected attributes;
e.g. verify the dynamic-ads have been customized with valid attributes.

otherwise, forum-members cannot look into submitted data or accounts --
the best likely course would be to contact a support-specialist at google
so that a person can look directly into the merchant-center-account's
submitted (feed) data details and the ad-account.

see also