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Create an account for a client

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I am helping a client to set up a Merchant Account. What is the best way to do this? This is the first client I do this for.


A) Should I first transform my own account to Multiple Merchant Account, and add a new account from inside this Multiple Merchant Account? Is it even possible to add new accounts that way or can I only link my Multiple Merchant Account to existing accounts?




B) Start a new Google account on the behalf of my client and use this account to set up their Merchant Account? They may already have a Google account, but I don't think they will give me access to that. Can I, later on in the process, invite them to the Merchant Account, using their existing Google account, like you can in Analytics and other Google tools?




C) Your solution to this problem!

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Create an account for a client

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(a) a multi-client-account is intended to both

create and control an account, not linking;

(b) creating a merchant-center-account on behalf of the user requires
either access to a client's google-account, which is never-recommended,
or, a merchant-center-multi-client-account, via a sub-account.

otherwise, the client must initially create their merchant-center-account --
using their (email) google-account.


the solution likely depends mainly on the goals and what

account-functions the client is willing to relinquish or handle --

for example, initial shipping-settings, adding-users, etc.

if the only goal is to handle the merchant-center's feed-data for the client,
then simply have the client create a merchant-center-account and have the
client email the ftp or scheduled-fetch (url) details for the product-feed --
then, handle the feed-data off-line, from entirely outside the merchant-center.

or, if the client wishes and is able to maintain most of the control,
simply have the client create a merchant-center-account, and

have them add/link another user (email), to access their account.

if the client wishes to relinquish all control of the entire account,
including creating the initial (sub) account, setting-up all details,

now and in the future, including handling the product-feed details,

then yes -- simply transform your existing merchant-center-account
into a multi-client-merchant-center-account and add a sub-account
for each client -- this is only needed if the client or clients will likely

never wish to control any part of the account, at any time, or if the

website is only under your control -- such as in a marketplace-venue.

other than (initial) settings -- the primary function of the merchant-center
is simply to submit the feed-data -- which does not require any access to
the merchant-center-account, at all, since google can fetch the feed-data
from a remote-website or a remote website can push the product-feed data
to the merchant-center; linking/adding a user can be done later, if some

(temporary) access is needed, for settings or to check the status details.


Create an account for a client

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Thank you so much for the exhaustive answer, @Celebird !


My client don’t know anything about setting up these kinds of things and I want to make the process as smooth as possible for him. Otherwise, they might cancel the whole thing. 


I created my own account years ago (“just trying out”) and don’t remember the steps in the registration process. Are there any “checklist” I can give my client, like:

1. Register the account here

2. Invite me and I take care of the rest


Or do the client need to go through a 100 step registration and verification process before I can be invited?  

Create an account for a client

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first, you're welcome


for the client to handle the initial account creation and access:


(a) have the client use their existing google-account (email)
to create a standard-merchant-center-account for themselves,
using these steps:


(b) then, also have the client add your email
(google-account) as an additional admin-user:


after you are added as an admin-user,
most all other tasks may be handled
as the second admin-user.


alternatively, your multi-client-account
is required to handle the entire process:


other associated features that require google-account (email) access include:
- the google search-console-account -- for website verification;
- the google ad-account -- either linked-access or under a manager-account;
- and possibly a google analytics-account for advanced tracking and reporting.


see also


Create an account for a client

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Thank you so much for your engagement in this issue, @Celebird !


Later in the process, do you have to use the same Google account for AdWords, as you use for the standard-merchant-center-account, to link the two accounts? Or is it possible for me to use my existing AdWords Manager Account to handle my client's shopping ads?


Create an account for a client

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first, you're welcome again.

(a) no;
(b) yes;

about all that is required to handle the associated
shopping-campaign-management details is linking --
there is no need to use the same google-account.

what is usually recommended, is to have the client initially set-up and own
the ad-account, especially with respect to accepting the terms-of-service,
and typically billing and payments to google -- before any linking.

linking/accessing the ad-account and linking the merchant-center-account
to the ad-account are separate and distinct tasks -- the former involves
monetary and fiduciary responsibilities with google; the latter is mainly
procedural/functional, to allow all the submitted inventory/feed data to
flow into the proper ad-account.

typically, any access should originate from the client, given to an agency --
even if the agency may sometimes act as, or act on behalf of, the client.

generally, the client always initiates and accepts the google-product terms --
e.g. merchant-center, ad-account, search-console, analytics, my-business, etc.,
using one google-account that is owned and operated directly by the client;
the agency (google-account/email) is merely given some form of managerial

access, to the various google-products, by the client.

about the only task that usually requires the same google-account,
is website-verification, within the google-search-console-account --
as the step before the website-claim in the merchant-center-account;
verification also requires administrative-access to the website/domain.

see also