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Create a campaign/different categories/same product feed

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Hope you're doing well!!

I'm new creating shopping campaigns and I wonder if someone could help me to understand what it is the best practice I should follow to create the following campaign:


Situation: I have more than 85K products under the general category of "apparel & accessories", and those products are divided into 12 different categories, for example: shirts, aprons, towels, headwear, and so on. I have created 3 different product feeds in the Merchant center that contain all the 85K products and where all the categories are mixed. I also have a list of best-seller products.


My questions are:

a) How should I structure the campaign in order to highlight the best seller products (give a higher bid) but also have the rest of the products?

b) Should I create different campaigns or different ad groups?

c) If I have many product feeds and for any reason a product is repeated, does AdWords/Merchant center display it double? display it once? or generate an error and does not display it?


I really appreciate it your support!! Have a great day!!



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Re: Create a campaign/different categories/same product feed

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first, the same physical inventory item,

submitted as multiple items or within

multiple feeds, is not allowed.

a physical inventory item may only be listed or submitted only once --
listing or submitting any physical-inventory-item more than once is a
policy violation and grounds for disapproval or permanent suspension
from the program, at any time.

generally, a single feed can support about 100,000 physical inventory items --
multiple feeds may be used to submit more physical items or to split physical
inventory; however, a physical item may be included only once, regardless of
the number of feeds used.


only items that are currently, physically, in the merchant's

on-hand, in stock, inventory may be submitted as in stock.

any feed, especially multiple feeds, must also be coordinated

with both the site's content and physical inventory availability --

submitted as soon as the website or availability details change --
and otherwise submitted at least monthly, per google's policies;

so, only one, single, feed is usually recommended.

as to the questions --

(a) simply include the custom_label_0 attribute within the
submitted data and label (only) the best-selling items; then,
subdivide the best-sellers within a new product-group, using
the custom_label_0 attribute.

(b) neither is needed -- simply create a new product-group.


for product-listing-ads, multiple ad-groups are generally only needed to
support different negative word-lists or for specific reporting needs --
multiple campaigns are generally only needed to support different,

separate, budgets, filters, or different, separate, target-countries.


product-groups (of best-sellers) may be added,
to support separate, specific, bidding strategies --
regardless of ad-group or campaign structure.


simply design the product-groups so that a physical

inventory item matches only one product-group and

and is assigned only one bid.

(c) google never allows an inventory item to be repeated; eventually,

such items will be removed from the auctions, disapproved, and the

account risks a suspension.

be certain each physical inventory item is submitted only
once to google -- regardless of the number of data-feeds,
or how the inventory data might be submitted.


Re: Create a campaign/different categories/same product feed

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Thank you so much for your answer!! I helped me a lot! Smiley Happy

Re: Create a campaign/different categories/same product feed

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you're welcome and thank you for the update and kind words.