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Converting KG to Grams in Google Products Feed

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I am using a google feed that goes directly from my online store to google merchant on a scheduled fetch.  

My online store converts product weights to GRAMS and sends that data to Google.  Google uses KG. So a product in my store which has a shipping weight of 2500g throws an error because google sees it as weighing 2500KG.  Is there a way to tell google that the weight is in G and not KG? My online store help desk says they can't convert it or help me in converting it before sending it over. 



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Converting KG to Grams in Google Products Feed

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for most submitted (feed) data, a valid shipping_weight value
must include a number, space, and google-supported-unit, and
must be exactly accurate for the physical item being sold.

currently supported units are exactly: g, kg, lb, or oz
2500 g

for a tab-delimited or google-xml formatted feed,
be certain that all shipping_weight values contain --
(a) a number, (b) a space, and (c) a supported unit.

for the api, be certain both a valid number and a google-supported unit
are always submitted, as separate attributes or json name-value pairs --
per google's specifications; a number-unit as one value is not allowed.

generally, just a number or an invalid value should never be submitted --

as this may force google to make assumptions about all submitted data

and throw related errors.


also, be certain to verify that shipping-weight-tables or

carrier-calculated shipping settings, or feed-rules that

are set in the account, are not overriding units/values.

otherwise, such large shipping_weight values will be flagged per google's
updated shipping_weight rules -- to help catch outliers that cannot meet
the in stock inventory, shipping, or related timely-delivery requirements.


otherwise, this is mainly a peer-to-peer forum --

forum-members cannot look into any accounts

or any submitted data; posting more specific

details, here in the public forum, may help.


otherwise, google may be contacted directly.



Converting KG to Grams in Google Products Feed

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Which online store service are you using? 


Rather than converting the weights, is it possible to list them as kgs at product level in your store, instead of grams?


Converting KG to Grams in Google Products Feed

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Hey Rob


I use SEOCommerce which is now Lightspeed Ecom. 


It automatically converts all units to grams for some reason.  I've already talked to them and they aren't very helpful.  I'm going to try again and see but I'm not holding out much hope.