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Complete drop in impressions on my shopping campaign. 2,000 to 0 in a day.

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I have no idea what is going on here.


For well over a year this campaign has been running well, with around 2,000 to 4,000 daily impressions with a very healthy CTR.


Today, as of 17:00 local time, I've had 0 impressions all day. I've made no changes to the campaign all month. I've checked the merchant centre and all my products are apporve. My billing information is upto date...


Have contacted the Adwords support team who told me to 'Wait a few days'.


I urgently need help understanding what has gone wrong here. Can anyone help?

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Re: Complete drop in impressions on my shopping campaign. 2,000 to 0 in a day.

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As there can be a lot of reasons here are the basics.

Check your site is still claimed in Google Merchant Center (GMC)
Check for processing errors in the feed sections of GMC > Products > feeds > click on your feed > processing
Check your diagnostics in GMC > products > diagnostics

Check if the feed data has changed, any big change can cause issues. For example different ID's So comparing the feed before and after is recommended. Even if you think nothing changed, always check.

As we are forum members we can not look into your account, if you could provide in depth info we may be able to guide you.

Alternatively contact Google directly here:

Hope this helps.
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