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Competitor Showing no tax and shipping but they do charge for both.

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I have a competitor who shows no shipping.  I have tried several times to order from them and not once have they offered free shipping.  If you go to the landing page of their site it does say no charge for shipping and if you add it to your cart it says no shipping but there is no way to checkout without them adding the shipping.  This is unfair even more so since I was given a warning since my shipping costs on one of my sites showed up $0.15 cents higher than my site showed.  This has been going on for a while and I have reported it but no action ever gets taken.  Why the double standard.,o... is the offender.  How do I combat and compete with a site that is being allowed to lie with google?

Re: Competitor Showing no tax and shipping but they do charge for both

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Hi Tony


As infuriating as it may be to see a competitor listing incorrectly and against policy, the most important aspect to look to is your own account. 


What others do, is not to be taken as a rule or example of best practice. 


If you have reported the user then Google will look into this, however, this can take some time, as the account must be looked at in detail and therefore may take some time. 


You will clearly see, if you take a look around this forum, that users are suspended sometimes indefinitely for policy violations.


What you may also wish to try and look to, would be the users clicking on the listing, once they are actually faced with a higher cost at cart, many if not most, will return once more to the shopping results to find a honest retailer.


Google do take violation very seriously and I believe it will be only a matter of time before the reported will have action taken upon their account, until such time, simply focus on your own account and ensure you are listing within policy and regulations.


Tom Wilson
Freelance Adwords & Google Shopping Consultant

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Re: Competitor Showing no tax and shipping but they do charge for both

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Hello Tom_Wilson, I appreciate your response and suggestions. I typically would not complete an order if I felt I was told no shipping and then was forced to pay for shipping. The shipping charges add about 5.75 to the price of most of the orders if only one item is ordered. This would make their price exactly what my price is with shipping so I think most people who have gone through the effort to put in their information and create an account won't back out at that time. I really hope that Google does look into these practices but I have reported the same company a few times over the past six months.

Thank You Again for your response.

Re: Competitor Showing no tax and shipping but they do charge for both

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It looks like google finally took care of the issue. Thank You Tom for giving me hope. Now I have another one that is doing it:

Radio Two Way 1 rating Free shipping, No tax $43.56 $43.56

Radio Two Way shows no shipping and yet the following is on the checkout page when I go in to try and check out (of course you have to create an account to get to this page):

*Please choose the shipping method for your order:

FedEx (FedEx Ground) $6.65
FedEx (Priority Overnight) $26.77
FedEx (First Overnight) $86.02

No option for free shipping.

This is kind of ridiculous. Google should automatically check any site that says they are not charging shipping. I complained about this one for the past 2 years with no results.