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Combine Brand + Title using Feed Rules

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I am looking for a way to put the brand into the title using the feed rules. The feed contains both, but the brand is not in the title yet. Is there a way, maybe using reg. exp., to put the 'Brand' attribute into the 'Title' using a feed rule?


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Re: Combine Brand + Title using Feed Rules

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unfortunately, no -- at least not directly.

feed rules can overwrite existing values or replace empty values --
but currently, there is no concept of adding-to an existing value.

of course, this could be done indirectly for a limited subset of items --
by replacing a specific set of titles when data meets a specific criteria.

the criteria would need to be carefully crafted to not match outliers
and the overwrite would need to be hard-corded -- which somewhat
defeats the purpose of such a transformation.

in the case of a title, this would mean all items
matching the criteria would have the same title --
which is usually an extremely low-quality result.

one potential solution would be to use a content-management-system
or similar, to globally edit the existing titles within the e-commerce site --
then, simply submit the updated information.