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Change from 0 to "blank"

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In my Google Product Feed my MPN is set to 0. Since most my products are unique I use the "identifier = False" option. Howefter til "0" is causing problems. How do I change from 0 to "blank" in Rules?

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Change from 0 to "blank"

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option (1) -- create a supplemental-feed,
with only an id and and mpn attribute for

only items with 0 as an mpn value and
leave mpn entirely blank (entirely empty).

a supplemental-feed is a file-based feed-rule.

option (2) -- use the following rule for mpn:

If primary-feed-name.mpn does not equal '0' ›
Set to: primary-feed-name.mpn
If mpn has no value yet › Leave mpn blank

if the value being submitted contains literal double-quote-marks,
then change the not equal to include those exact double-quotes;
If primary-feed-name.mpn does not equal '"0"' ›

if the values being submitted may be equal to either a 0
or a "0", then simply add an "and" condition to the rule.

always verify any feed-rule by clicking on the item's title, under the
products-list-tab, and carefully inspecting both the raw-feed-attributes
and the final-attributes sections -- in this case, if applied correctly,
the mpn attribute should not exist, at all, under final-attributes.


of course, a best-practice is to properly fix the primary-feed --
in this case, so that mpn, gtin, and brand, are not submitted,
at all, when identifier_exists is set no, for items without valid
global-trade-data -- so that feed-rules are not needed, at all;
this usually involves fixing data at the source, such as in the

content-management-system, ecommerce-system, or website.