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Carrier Rates with weight not the dimensions.

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As mentioned here in this support page- 
under Carrier rate (AU, DE, UK, and US only)
I have added carrier rate in shipping of merchant center account and have updated "shipping_weight" in data feed. But I do not have any shipping dimensions of my product. So all my products are disapproved. 
Anyone can guide me on this.

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Carrier Rates with weight not the dimensions.

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first, be certain that shipping_weight includes a

number, space, and google-supported unit; e.g.

123.45 kg

if not, fix the weight first and resubmit the feed

to determine if that may fix the disapproval issue.


shipping dimensions include the following attributes:
shipping_length, shipping_width, shipping_height --
all three must be submitted if the disapproval issue
relates to dimensions.


generally, merchants must have the inventory in their physical stock --

so measuring the physical items is likely the best way to obtain such

dimension details; contacting someone up the supply-chain may also

help in this regard.


otherwise, shipping must be either exactly accurate or an overestimate --

setting an overestimate rather than carrier-rates may be an alternative.


always check the exact shipping of an item by

clicking on the item within the products-list-tab

and using google's shipping-calculator for that

individual item, in the merchant-center-account.

however, a single disapproval may be triggered by multiple issues.

this is mainly a peer-to-peer public forum and forum-members
cannot look into any specific accounts or any submitted data --
if after correcting the dimensions issue the disapproval remains,
then the best likely course is simply to contact google directly.


Carrier Rates with weight not the dimensions.

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Thanks for your reply.

I am still not clear.
First of all, In merchant center disapproval reason doesn't show that you need to add dimensions, it just says shipping error.
And I do not have any dimensions for my products. so can I put NA in data feed.
I tried to contact some Google representative but their reply seems, they do not even know about shipping carrier rate submissions.

Carrier Rates with weight not the dimensions.

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first, thank you for the added details.


NA is never a valid value for any attribute --

if the dimensions do not apply, then the values

must be left entirely blank (entirely empty) or

the attributes deleted from the feed altogether --

na, n/a, or any similar value is never, ever, allowed.


all values submitted in a feed must be

either valid, per google's specifications,

or not submitted, at all.


first, try making the above fixes

and then resubmit the data-feed.


otherwise, shipping-error likely cannot be assessed

properly by what has been submitted in the forum

thus far -- forum-members cannot look into any

submitted data or any account details, whatsoever.


one possibility would be to post more specific

details here within the public forum -- such as,

the specific error, the error's context, and the

specific account settings related to shipping -- via

screen-captures -- and the exact data being being

submitted for an item, that is triggering the error,

so that other forum-members may be able to offer

more specific suggestions.


otherwise, the best likely course would be to recontact google --

indicating that the issue relates to the merchant-center-account

and shopping-ads, sometimes helps.


google is the final arbiter of all rules and policies.