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Can we verify two Merchant Center Account with one website URL

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Hi There,


I have a query related to Merchant Center account.


Can we have two different merchant center accounts with one website domain?

In other words, can i create two different merchant center accounts and verify my website at both the accounts? I need to link both the merchant center accounts to one common adwords account.


Please suggest !!

Re: Can we verify two Merchant Center Account with one website URL

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Hi Viabhav S


Welcome to the AdWords community :-)


No, you can't do this.

Only one Merchant Center account can hold the right to upload and publish product listings for the URL. Here is some information about the verification/claiming process for your site URL: It clearly advises there that whilst more than one person can verify the same URL, only one can claim the URL.


I hope this helps to clarify



Re: Can we verify two Merchant Center Account with one website URL

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Hello Vaibhav,

I don't think you can do that. In order to start with Google Shopping via your Merchant Center you have to verify and claim website URL.

And Google Adwords support page says:


If another authorized owner of the website in question successfully verifies and claims the website URL, you will lose the claim and will be notified by email. We'll let you know who the clashing account is (you can also find this information in your Google Webmaster tools account) in order to resolve the situation yourself, where possible. If unsuccessful, you can choose to either verify and claim a different URL or contact us.


So it seems like if you try to claim and verify the same website from another account, you will be probably successful, but you will lose this verification on your previous account.

Source: Verify and claim your website URL