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Can we use dynamic re marketing in Pakistan

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Does any body used dynamic re marketing in Pakistan?

Google merchant center don't have option for Pakistan. 

Please suggest any way that we can use it in pakistan. I am ready to pay for this.

thank you


Re: Can we use dynamic re marketing in Pakistan

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Would suggest you to get in touch with adwords representative. He/She would be able to help you out in better way for this situation.

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Re: Can we use dynamic re marketing in Pakistan

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It sounds like you're trying to do dynamic product (retail) remarketing. In that case, you're out of luck


As you've discovered, Google Merchant Center doesn't allow product feeds targeting Pakistan. If you can't create a product feed, you can't do dynamic product remarketing.


(You might be able to use other types of dynamic remarketing, since those feeds don't go through Merchant Center.)


Clarifying, just in case it's relevant: The country selection for a product feed should be the country you're advertising to, not from. Even if you can't target a feed to people in your country, you're allowed to target feeds to other countries that do use Google Shopping and dynamic remarketing.