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Can someone please help with our Google Shopping Feed

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Im getting a generic error saying that the feed leads to "dysfunctional landing pages" which is not true. We have tested ALL the links in our feed. Over 200 of them. And nothing is dysfunctional. Every link works and goes to the correct products. 


I have also been in touch with the merchant centre staff on email, over the "online form" and on phone calls. And every single time, I get told they will come back to in in 24-48 hours, but every time, it goes for 2-3 weeks and then Im left chasing them up again and again. 


We really just need to get our feed back online and working, and I have no idea why its taking so long or what is going on. 


Can someone please help. 

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Re: Can someone please help with our Google Shopping Feed

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the dysfunctional message is typically due to a few issues -- for example:

(1) the landing-page shows different information to google or
users located in different countries or based on some other
user-specific detail -- that is not allowed.

in that case, the landing-page should likely be changed to show the
same information to all users, regardless of any user related details.

(2) the landing-page loads too slowly for all google's crawls.

in that case, the offending resource should likely be modified
so the pages can keep pace with all google's crawl requests.

(3) the landing-page contains pop-ups, redirects, or similar details,
that prevents users from using the page's e-commerce functionality --
related to viewing the item-offer or purchasing the item-offer.

in that case, such popups, redirects, or similar details,
should likely be removed or prevented from occurring.

otherwise, such landing-pages likely cannot be submitted at all,
without risking constant disapproval, or a suspension from the
program, at any time.

however, forum-members cannot look into any account details or histories;
forum-members can mainly offer suggestions based on the information that
is posted here within the public forum -- having a site url, exact messages,
some history, any email from google [minus any personal or private details]
etc., may help in that regard.

otherwise, the best likely course would be to simply re-contact google directly.