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Can not see any product in merchant center

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I have a feed created from Google spreadsheets. Everything was fine about a week ago (last time i checked)


Now when I select "Data Feeds -> Feed Name -> Fetch Now" it says "No items processed.". But an email from merchant center says "10 of 10 items inserted".


I don't see any product under "Products" . But there are 5 "awaiting review" products in dashboard chart. Although I have 15 products in total.


If I create an error on purpose in spreadsheet, there is a "Show Errors" link next to feed name in dashboard, but when i click it, it only goes to feed setting page and shows nothing else.


Also I can not fetch products from Shopping API too. With a call which was working before.


Response: {"kind": "content#productsListResponse"}


Account ID: 100919399



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Re: Can not see any product in merchant center

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first, try clearing the browser's cache and cookies and then
trying a different browser -- specifically, the latest chrome.

then, re-click fetch-now.

then, navigate to the data-feeds page, refresh the page,
and click on the registered data-feed's status page; scroll
to the end of the page to check for any updated messages --
especially for any errors that would prevent processing on
the feed-status detail's page.

also, be certain only one feed is registered
and no id value, for any item, has changed.

generally, inserted is simply a basic count
and does not indicate any specific feed or
item or website related status.


also, on the products-page be certain the proper target-country is selected.


reviews can take 72-hours or so and

any change to a feed or website can

trigger a re-review.

otherwise, the best likely course would be to contact google directly --
forum members cannot look into any account or feed details.

see also

Re: Can not see any product in merchant center

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Are these rules are same for test feeds? I tried to add a test feed from completely new account with clean cache, no cookies and latest chrome, results are same. Isn't test feed supposed to be not reviewed and only visible to me? I am just trying to build something on Google Shopping API, but I didn't able to add any product.

Re: Can not see any product in merchant center

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(a) test-feed data cannot be seen by the content-api;
(b) test-feed data cannot be seen by the products-tab;
(c) test-feed data has the same rules but critical issues
cannot result in a disapproval or suspension and the
results cannot trigger a (quality) crawl of the website.

test-feeds are mainly to help understand the merchant-center
and feed details or to resolve any reported (data-feed) issues
but avoid any disapproval or suspensions -- however, currently,
the google-content-api-for-shopping has no such feature.