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Can a product be "New" and "Damaged"

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I'm getting this error on a number of my products which are new but are damaged in some way (shop soiled, dented creased etc)


The error seems to be triggered by:

"Value in Feed: New"

"Value on website: Used"


This value on website "Used" seems to be taken from my schema / microdata which in fact holds the value:


The options for OfferItemCondition are:

Is it possible to list something as Damaged without it being classed as "Used"?




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September 2015

Re: Can a product be "New" and "Damaged"

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Hi @James G


Sadly no is the short answer.


Google have three specific conditions that can be used only. No modified value within the attribute can be provided. This would return an error within the diagnostics and your item would not be included within results. 


As the item would not be "new" in terms of Google's description "


  • 'new': The product is brand new and has never been used. It's in its original packaging which has not been opened."

If the product has been restored, these could hold the value of refurbished. 


  • 'refurbished': The product has been professionally restored to working order, is "as new" and comes with a warranty. The packaging may or may not be the original packaging. This is sometimes referred to as "remanufactured".

However, the item would need to meet these specifications.


See here - -


I would also suggest reaching out to Google and asking for their advice as obviously they hold the final say in all circumstances.