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Can a musical performance be a product for Google Shopping?

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Hi -- I'd like to make use of the Merchant Center to advertise, and hopefully sell, performances by my jazz group. My own categories for these performances will be wedding gig, party gig, pub gig etc (and of various durations). However when putting together a feed for the Merchant Center I can't find anything even remotely related to live performances in the Google product taxonomy.


OK, I understand that product category is a recommended, not mandatory, attribute for a feed. But since I can't see anything even vaguely like this in the taxonomy, am I wasting my time?


Thanks in advance for your help!


Dave F-M

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September 2015

Re: Can a musical performance be a product for Google Shopping?

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unfortunately, services or most any intangible
economic activity are not allowed with respect
to product-listing-ads and shopping-campaigns.

yes, generally, if a high-level google_product_category
taxonomy value does not exist for the item then, that

is one indicator of being prohibited -- regardless of the

attribute being required for only some item categories;

as an aside, finding a match is not necessarily a good

indicator that the item is allowed since there can be lag

time between a policy update and the taxonomy update.

that said, there are many other ad-formats and
campaign-types where services are not an issue --

there is also an express option if the service is local
and there is little or no need for more comprehensive
advertising options.


see also