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I have recently setup merchant accounts separately for two websites using opencart, the feed are fine and had no errors when checked by googles pages.  But today and yesterday I get emails stating that the cart had issues...



Customers use the site like any other and place orders, make a payment and get shown the receipt with a list and prices of the items bought.


How can they claim that it is incomplete ?


I sent messages back asking for more information but all I get is a default email with weblinks and no information stating 'exactly' what they claim is wrong.


It's as good as them saying 'it don't work',  yeah but give me a bit more of a clue as to 'what' is not right.


Can someone please advise what do I do next ?


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HI Jason


Can you provide the website URL to your site?


Can you also detail what Google stated in the email?


Did it read something to this?


Does your site offer a secure checkout, either through your own website or alternatively a payment service such as paypal?


Do your customers see a confirmation of purchase screen after checkout?




Tom Wilson
Freelance Adwords & Google Shopping Consultant

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