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Bulk re-submit disapproved items in merchant center which we know now to be fixed?

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On our site we have been having issues where a number of different skus (this changes each time) have been being disapproved often on a Wednesday. After talking to IT this the day we were doing sprints for updates to the site so are servers were down during this time and this was the time that google was coming to read our feed.


The error we are seeing in merchant center is that "robots.txt on the server is unreachable" when we know that the site was just down.


Were seeing some of the skus come back slowly over yesterday but is there a way to bulk upload a few hundred skus we now know are fixed to Google so we can get them back up quicker?


Thanks Mark


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Bulk re-submit disapproved items in merchant center which we know now to be fixed?

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The only way to submit products to Google Merchant is via the data feed, this being XML, TXT (comma delimited), Content API or Google Spreadsheets.


Products that are not active should be removed from the feed until resolved. As otherwise it is a violation, if a violation is repeated too many times a permanent account suspension might be triggered.


With regards to servers being offline, I recommend you maybe invest in a second testing server for all your web development, or use localhost. Instead of using the production server as your test server. Having a site down is not good and can cause allot of issues, as you have already experienced.


I hope this reply is sufficient. If you need further or other suggestions, let us know.

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Bulk re-submit disapproved items in merchant center which we know now to be fixed?

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(a) generally, one of google's first actions when accessing a website,
for whatever reason, is to read robots.txt; a robots.txt unreachable
message is typical, regardless of the underlying website-issue.

(b) google has specific recommendations for planned website
outages to help avoid a disapproval or more severe policy-flag.

(c) currently, there is no method to upload a subset of an inventory,
or to force a re-crawl by google with respect to the merchant-center --
if a file is being used, the entire feed must always be resubmitted.

importantly perhaps, any missing items from a feed is considered
a delete-request -- those missing items will be removed from the
account and the auctions within 24-hours or so.

google crawls specific inventory-items depending on a variety of factors,
at googles own pace -- such as the speed a site is responding to crawl
requests, if there are critical changes to per-item attribute-values, etc.

to help trigger a re-crawl, if a feed/scheduled-fetch is being used,
simply re-upload the entire inventory product-feed file (all items)

using a fetch-now request, within the merchant-center-account.

to help trigger a re-crawl, if google's content-api is being
used to submit inventory-data, simply re-insert any subset

of items -- at the granularity of one item.

see also