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Bulk Pricing - No Longer Required To List Bulk Price?

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I'm guessing #6 is no longer being enforced as a guideline?  


"For products sold in bulk quantities, the total price for the minimum number of items sold must be submitted. For example, in case of a pen that can only be sold in specific quantities, the price for the minimum purchasable quantity needs to be specified in the product data."



We've been asking about it for going on 3 months now as a specific advertiser in our nice continues to list single piece prices when they don't sell single pieces, and worse is advertising the best price on maximum quantities.  IE, in the example I'll try posting they list $8.25 as the price.  You can't buy one, the fewest you can buy is 36 and at that quantity prices are about $12 each.  The $8.25 price starts at 1000 pieces or an $8,250 order.  


Google has been made aware of this now for almost 3 months via chats, policy violation forms, emails etc.  Nothing has been done which would lead us to conclude it's just a recommendation at this stage.   Is there any way to get a clarification?   As it is the lone advertiser doing it is is also bidding the most, so it drives up costs for the other thousand advertisers in the niche.   I'm inserting the sample image from just now 10/7/14 this will make it month 3 now that this has been reported.  





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Re: Bulk Pricing - No Longer Required To List Bulk Price?

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current bulk pricing policies are here:

a violation can result in the product or entire website
being disapproved or the entire account (permanently)
suspended depending on the violation details.

generally, when reporting a policy violation be certain that the proper policy
violation form is submitted thoroughly and properly with clear and accurate
information to help ensure the appropriate action is taken -- reporting any
violation via inappropriate channels or without the proper information may
delay or postpone the appropriate resolution.

as per the published policies, violation warnings and any time-frame given
to fix an issue is sent individually to the merchant under investigation --

google reads the forums but tends not to comment publicly
on any individual policy violation except privately with the
merchant who is being investigated.