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Brand attribute causes disapproval of products

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I've started adding the 'brand' attribute to my product feed but it causes item disapproval.  Not sure what I'm doing wrong here.  Any ideas?

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Re: Brand attribute causes disapproval of products

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this typically happens if identifier_exists is set FALSE --
if identifier_exists is set FALSE then, that is a notification
to google that proper global-trade-data does not exist, at all,
and has not been assigned by a manufacturer; so, no brand,
no mpn, and no gtin, may be submitted, at all, for that item.

if proper global-trade-data exists (mpn or gtin) then
identifier_exists must be set TRUE (or not submitted)
and a proper brand, as assigned by the manufacturer,
must (also) be submitted.

store-name or other self-assigned brand data are
also not allowed within a brand attribute value.


also, a brand cannot have any symbols, promotional-text, or
placeholder values -- the value must be either correct or left
entirely empty (or no tag submitted in the case of xml data);
typical, example, valid, brand values are currently here:


all merchants selling the same product

must submit identical global-trade-data.


only in stock physical inventory items may be submitted --

especially with respect to any product variants and the

item_group_id attribute.


submitting any improper global-trade-data, as assigned by

a manufacturer, or submitting identifier_exists FALSE with

global-trade-data (or if global-trade-data actually exists) are

policy violations and grounds for disapproval or suspension

from the program, at any time.

indirect issues with submitted data can also cause such disapprovals;
importantly perhaps, a single disapproval can be for multiple issues.

of course, forum-members cannot look into any submitted data
and can only offer feedback based on the details posted here
within the public forums -- however, google may be contacted
directly to look into all submitted data, the registered website,
and other details within the account.

Re: Brand attribute causes disapproval of products

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@Lightbulbs A What are you putting in the brand column, your business or the brands of the products themselves? Have you used the "identifier_exists" column as @Celebird was alluding to? When you go into the individual products that are disapproved and click on the "Why was this disapproved" link, what explanation pops up?