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Box Weights - Carrier Calculated Shipping

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I'm using Shopify for my ecommerce business, and It appears that the Google Merchant Center is pulling the "product weights" of each of my products and listing them as the "shipping weight." (I use the google shopping app in Shopify to automatically update all my product feeds in the merchant center)


I'm using carrier calculated rates in Shopify and I have a default box weight of 1 lb which is added to the product weight to determine the appropriate shipping cost at checkout for my customers. 

Is there a way to account for the 1 pound box weight within Google Merchant Center? Basically I just need to add 1 pound to all the weights.

Simply adding 1 pound to all the product weights within Shopify is not a solution, because then when customers buy multiple products, the shipping weight / cost would be far too high.

Thanks for your help,


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Re: Box Weights - Carrier Calculated Shipping

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Perhaps some combination of:

Split all your products into "light" and "over one pound" using a label or category that isn't visible
Use a Feed Rule in Merchant Centre to set the weight of all "light" products to one pound

Re: Box Weights - Carrier Calculated Shipping

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Hey Justin,

I have never used the Google Shopping Shopify app however I have a couple ideas for you to try:

1. Update the Shipping Settings in Google Merchant Center: You can create a custom rate table or modify a carrier calculated rate table by a percentage or dollar amount. You will be able to adjust for the lost pound of shipping weight.

2. Use feed rules: If these are available for you Shopify feed (somewhat unlikely) then you should be able to manipulate the shipping weight using this.
Jim Vaillancourt, AdWords Top Contributor, LinkedIn
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Re: Box Weights - Carrier Calculated Shipping

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currently, there is no way within the merchant-center to modify existing data.

feed-rules can overwrite existing values or replace empty values --
but currently, there is no concept of adding-to an existing value.

otherwise, google does not and cannot modify any submitted data --
carrier-calculated rates are calculated based on shipping-settings
within the merchant-center-account and the submitted data.

shipping_weight must be accurate and valid for the submitted item-offer --
a valid shipping_weight must include a number and google-supported unit; e.g.
23.45 oz

if another attribute can be submitted with an accurate and valid
shipping_weight value for each item submitted, then, a feed-rule
might be written to swap that attribute for the shipping_weight
attribute, and overwrite the submitted shipping_weight value.

shipping for an item-offer must be either exactly accurate or an overestimate --
generally, always check the shipping details within the merchant-center-account
by clicking on the item's title under the products-tab.

otherwise, the best likely-course would be to
contact shopify-support directly or whoever
is supporting that specific shopping-app.

see also

Re: Box Weights - Carrier Calculated Shipping

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Thank you all for your responses. Although I appreciate the solutions offered, I feel that these are temporary hacks that will likely just complicate things down the road. But they are obviously the only solutions at this point.

I've reached out to Shopify and they've notified me that they'll consider adding a solution to their queue.

I'm surprised this issue hasn't been addressed as it seems like it would affect every Shopify store owner that uses carrier-calculated shipping and Google Shopping. - That's a lot of dropshippers.

Anyway, thank you for your responses. In my opinion adding a simple "box weight" calculation within the Merchant Center Carrier Calculated Shipping settings would be a simple solution, but I'm just one man!

Thanks again everyone.

Re: Box Weights - Carrier Calculated Shipping

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first, you're welcome.

generally, this is likely not an issue with respect to product-listing-ads
since google-shopping currently has no concept of shopping-carts or
multiple items added to a comparison.

carrier-calculated-shipping is for only one, single, item-offer --
all that typically needs to be included for that to happen is an
accurate and valid shipping_weight for the one, single, item-offer.

the shipping_label attribute exists to subdivide products
if a subset of item-offers require specialized calculations --
such as adding an adjustment to the carrier-calculations --
but the calculation still happens per individual item-offer.

as an aside, most drop-ship consolidator supply-chains are not allowed --
the merchant must own and have in their possession all items submitted.