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Bookstore, Product Custom Labels - How to use them wisely?

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What would be the best and optimal use of custom_labels in PLA campaigns for a bookstore?

How would you use 5 available labels in order to maximize flexibility on BIDs, reporting etc?


I would be greatfull for your ideas, tips and advice.


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Re: Bookstore, Product Custom Labels - How to use them wisely?

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the custom-label attributes are mainly to help

implement bidding strategies -- to create and

bid on an abstract, custom, group of products.

google-shopping is a highly dynamic competitive ad auction --

results depend on both the bid and quality factors over time.

as to the bids -- first, decide on the bidding strategy -- then,

create product-groups to support that auction bid strategy.

the main reason to group products together on a dimension
is to bid differently on a single common theme or attribute.

a common example strategy is simply bidding differently on different brands --
e.g. bidding higher on all disney published books and lower on penguin classics,
using only the brand attribute.

a more significant potential is to create complex bidding strategies, by
grouping inventory together along multiple dimensions, rather than one.

a common complex strategy is bidding differently by brand and type of product --
e.g. bidding higher on all disney and romance books and lower on horror books,
using the brand and product_type attributes.

generally, custom-labels are only needed for bidding on abstract divisions,
unrelated to physical item characteristics -- e.g. seasonal-sales, low-margins,
or all items that are converting-well or converting-poorly.

to help avoid bid overlap, use the exclude option under the everything-else
product-group and inventory-filters under the shopping-campaign's settings.

generally, contact a contact support specialist before making any changes --
so that a specialist can look into the account, feed, and campaigns details
to help determine the best course of action for a specific bidding strategy
and budget, with respect to the overall advertising goals and objectives.