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Bidding Strategies for Ecommerce

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I would like to believe that Automates bidding strategies do actually have some benefit and that one I set something up correctly that it does actually help you get the best bang for your buck. Hindsight with trying various strategies over the years have just proven incredibly $ hungry.


I am advertising NZ / Australia - and selling ranges of health products and it seems CPA bidding and ROAS bidding really doesn't work at all - maybe that is a geographic issue.   I am currently experimenting with maximise clicks.. but that too seems to be very "flaky" and inconsistent.


It seems the only solid way to bid manually and set up your campaigns properly so that poor performing keywords are pushed down and better performing keywords are pushed up.


Using this strategy however , seems to work ok for a few days.. and then everything takes a dive. Maybe something to do with ( hidden ) quality scores?


I guess I would like to know - 

 - Are there any case studies around that measure these practices in different scenarios.

 - Is there a way of calculating what a good click bid actually is?  I know there is a benchmark cpc - and there are the auctions , but using auctions would take hours as I don't think you can access that data through the adwords API.


Thoughts?  Anyone had success in this area?


















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Bidding Strategies for Ecommerce

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Automated bidding requires a high level of data and setup. This is not something you can setup globally and hope for the best. For example per product you need at least 15 sales for Google to be able to bid based on criteria.


As you have already discovered the best way to bid is manually.


To analyze why something nosedives, you need to study your data, any answers here will not be helpful unless it is directing you where to look. Check your reports, data feed, analytics and landing page and improve where you see you can improve.


I recommend to create reports and check everything and make appropriate changes based on the data you have researched.


For case studies, you need Google it. We can not share links outside of Google's environment. However Google does have case studies them selves, I still recommend to Google what you need to know. My advice to you is to read as many articles as you can to ensure that what you read is correct. As some articles might be slightly in accurate or out dated.


To be honest the best case study is to create your own experiments. As each merchant is different, what works on one account does not always work on another.


A good CPC is based on return of investment, this is not something we can suggest. This is something you need to calculate based on ROAS return of advertising spend.


Allot of people are very successful, it simply takes knowledge and data research to achieve results. Some campaigns can take up to 6 months of work to get the results that a client requires.


I recommend that you continue to research and also ask questions here, but try to be specific as we can't see your account, it would be hard to suggest things without knowing your account.


Hope it helps.



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Bidding Strategies for Ecommerce

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Thanks - yes I have had some wins.. but have been short lived.