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Barely getting impressions

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Hey guys, 
I have an issue with shopping campaigns they are barely getting any impressions, I have 2 shopping campaigns with $50 each and in total yesterday they spent in total about $4 (100-300 impressions a day).
I have about 70 products in my feed, the titles, descriptions, product category looks alright.
** This ad account about a 1-2 weeks ago (if that matters)
Any ideas why it doesn't spend my budget?


P.S they are both on "Maximize clicks" without max bid. one automatically set it to "auto: $30.79", the second one $1.26. both are barely getting impressions

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Barely getting impressions

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1) make sure your bids are high enough

2) not sure why you have two campaigns, what is the reason for this and how are they se tup, please be specific.

3) Check your negative keywords, ad scheduling, device and location bid adjustments that you are not blocking anything


If providing further info is not possible, please contact Google directly :


Know that this is a public forum and we are not part of Google unless stated otherwise. So providing detailed information will allow forum members to guide you in the right direction.


Hope this helps.


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Barely getting impressions

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I just edited my message,

They are both on "Maximize clicks" without max bid. one automatically set it to "auto: $30.79", the second one $1.26 both are barely getting impressions.


I dont have any negative keywords or ad scheduling, its new ad account...


I tried to contact them, but they didn't help. (He just sent me email to check again my titles, description etc)

Re: Barely getting impressions

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impressions require winning a slot in the ad-auctions.

winning a slot in the auctions require either
a high enough bid, or high enough quality,
or some combination of both.

first, be certain there are no technical issues with the
merchant-center, or the shopping-campaign, details.

if there are no technical issues, generally, for the maximize-clicks
bid-strategy, google's systems require a lot of data, over a period
of time, to help learn to function effectively in the auctions.

also, be certain that there are enough products, within each product-group,
with enough high-quality data, with respect to the physical product details,
so that enough information is available, over time, for google to analyze.

also, check the lost statistics -- especially the
impression-share lost due to budget and rank.

posting, here in public, a specific landing-page with
the specific attributes and values being submitted,
of an item that is expected to win in the auctions
and gain impressions, may sometimes help other

forum-members offer more specific suggestions.


Barely getting impressions

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At a recent Google seminar about Shopping, one of the presenters said something like "70% of products in Shopping campaigns never get a single impression", and the implication was a combination of errors on the advertisers part, poor optimisation, and also that some just never do, regardless.