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Availability automatic update in pages that we have multiple products

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Hi, first of all sorry for my bad english, i'm Brazilian.


I'm having a trouble in availability automatic update in pages that we have multiple products, like this:


When the feed is created, we make witch product as a single product on feed, linking to this single page. No problem until there.


But, my real problem is the availability automatic update, how can i properly tag this page with availability parameter, in order to inform google the real availability of this products?


I read a lot of documentation and i figure out that witch page can only have a one parameter of availability.


And we're spending a lot of money in a out of stock products and disappoint customers expectancy when they try to buy the product.


Can someone help me?



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Re: Availability automatic update in pages that we have multiple products

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google allows only physical, tangible, products to be sent.

only one physical inventory-item with a price and only one
add-to-cart (purchase) button should be on the landing page.

a product that comes in many colors is considered a supported-variant.

a supported variant requires:
both (a) an item_group_id with the same value for all items within the group;
and (b) at least one variant attribute (detailed product attribute) of color,
size, pattern, or material, which is unique among all items within the group:

multiple products on a single landing page is generally not allowed --
one, single, variant of the physical item should be preselected, by
using url-parameters with a server-side-script or a separate page:


the microdata scheme (availability) should correspond to a single physical
inventory item that is submitted to google -- one item per landing page.


see also