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Automatic item updates

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Struggling with stale pricing and availability product data?

Enable Automatic item updates.



With the holiday season right around the corner, it becomes all the more important that users have a great shopping experience and are offered the most accurate and high quality product information.


As discussed in our previous forum post, price and availability related data quality issues may lead not only to lower conversion and click-through rates but also to temporary disapproval of the violating items or suspension of your Merchant Center account from Google Shopping.

One of the most common reasons for price and availability related inaccuracies is the time difference between updates on your website and updates of your data on Google Shopping.

To address this challenge, we recently launched automatic item updates.


Enabling automatic item updates in your account allows us to update your items on Google Shopping based on the microdata we find on your website.


If you enable automatic item updates, we will update the product price and availability shown on PLAs if we notice a difference between your product data and your website’s microdata instead of disapproving your items. These item updates will persist until you make an update to your product data. Merchants who have participated in the beta have seen a 50% reduction in price-related item disapprovals.


For more information, we recommend you visit our blogpost on automatic item updates.


Pankhi Gakhar

Shopping Quality Operations

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Re: Automatic item updates

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Thanks for this great post Pankhi!

Re: Automatic item updates

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How we can remove automatic items update disapproved status from dashboard?

Re: Automatic item updates

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Note to @Ilya B,


I see that you have also started a new thread for this topic, and this was the best thing to have done, as your more detailed question there will improve the visibility of your question as well as help other forum members to understand your question fully, and answer it in a useful and effective way.




With that said, this 2014 thread is now being closed to new replies. Should anyone have a related question, please start a new thread.


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