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Automatic item updates: Missing microdata price information

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Our prices our dynamically generated based of inventory and costs. When our product goes out of stock, we no longer have a price.


Recently, I added automatic item updates with microdata and am getting an error that a price is not present on out of stock items. I am passing the item availability correctly, but I guess a price is required. Example:


<div itemprop="offers" itemscope itemtype="">
<meta itemprop="priceCurrency" content="USD" />

<meta itemprop="itemCondition" itemtype="" content=""/>New
<meta itemprop="availability" content=""/>

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Re: Automatic item updates: Missing microdata price information

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yes; a valid, correct price must be submitted,
displayed on the link landing-page, and match
any microdata, at all times -- regardless of any
physical inventory availability details.

the data submitted must match the landing-page
and physical inventory details and also adhere to
all google's rules and policies.

otherwise, such items should simply be removed
altogether, to avoid a disapproval or suspension..

Re: Automatic item updates: Missing microdata price information

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To build on what @Celebird said, without the price schema present you'll continue to get those errors. That said, missing microdata for price won't get you disapproved, but if you hit a certain threshold then your automatic price updates will stop running. The best practice would be to get teh schema in there, but barring that leaving the items in the feed won't put you in danger of disapproval for that specific reason.

Re: Automatic item updates: Missing microdata price information

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if when a specific product goes out of stock,
there is no longer a price on the landing-page,
that is a policy violation and grounds for a
disapproval or suspension from the program,
at any time.

in addition, if automatic-item-updates is enabled
and there is no price in the schema -- or any price
mismatch -- that is also grounds for disapproval.

the main point of enabling the feature is to prevent a
disapproval by temporarily overriding submitted data

with more accurate, up-to-date, information.

if the schema is not implemented properly the best likely
course is to simply disable the feature unless or until the
microdata on the site is both valid and conforms to all
merchant-center policies such as price and availability.


if there is no displayed price on the page or the displayed price

is based on the (missing) microdata-price, then the item should

be removed from the feed to prevent a disapproval or suspension.

too many or too frequent disapprovals can trigger a suspension.

as an aside, providing incorrect microdata is also
a violation of the google-webmaster guidelines --
regardless of any merchant-center-settings.

Re: Automatic item updates: Missing microdata price information

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@Celebird I think you are giving the impression that the Missing Microdata warnings can lead to a disapproval, which is not entirely correct. If you're missing the microdata for price, then Merchant Center cannot update an item with it's correct price. The item will in turn get disapproved if it has a different price in the feed than it does on the landing page, but not for the missing microdata. I haven't seen anywhere in the support documentation that says that too much missing microdata can trigger an account suspension, only that it can shut down automatic updates. On the flip side, if too many automatic updates are being consistently triggered you can get suspended because you're providing mostly incorrect prices consistently in your feed.

So if you are simply missing microdata and you have automatic updates on, you're not in danger of account suspension. However, if you also have a large number of incorrect prices in your feed then you are at risk of account suspension regardless of whether you have automatic updates on or not. The feature is meant to be a quick fix for price fluctuations until you resubmit a correct feed, not a replacement for updating your feed. If your issue is purely missing microdata but you are not getting disapprovals for incorrect prices, you should be fine. It would still be a good idea to either fix the schema or turn off the automatic updates if they're not working from the lack of microdata.

Re: Automatic item updates: Missing microdata price information

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if a landing-page price is automatically determined by microdata
and there is no microdata-price then, that is a policy violation --
this would have nothing whatever to do with how google may
be interrupting or reacting to any microdata.

as to google and microdata with respect to disapprovals --
if the item's data is incorrect and automatic-item-updates
is enabled then, that is a policy violation; if the micodata is
simply failing to process properly or missing altogether then,
the automatic-item-updates feature should likely be disabled
and possibly re-enabled if proper microdata is ever added.

carefully inspecting micodata errors to determine the root-case --
e.g. either a simple failure to process properly vs inaccurate data --
is rather critical in determining if the microdata-errors can lead to
a disapproval or suspension.

in addition, providing incorrect microdata is a
violation of the google-webmaster guidelines --
which is generally grounds for disapproval.

in any case, ignoring microdata issues is certainly not the best of practices.