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Automatic item disapprovals due to policy violation

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Have items disapproved due to above, however, I can't seem to pinpoint what policy is violated to fix! Simply says "disapproved or invalid" on the item page and no further detail nor a feature to manually ask for a review... which I need to do as it's simply a fishing rod?!



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Re: Automatic item disapprovals due to policy violation

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Couple of things here:-


1. Did you check the Google Shopping Policies and see if there is something that you may be violating:-


2. In some cases you do get the option of manual review and you can follow the below process to let Support Team member review it:- Item.png


Hope this helps!


Re: Automatic item disapprovals due to policy violation

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Hi Pankaj,

The problem I have is it doesn't tell me which of these policies is violated plus I don't have the "why is this item disproved" link? This makes it very difficult to fix.


Re: Automatic item disapprovals due to policy violation

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Yeah, we sell methylated spirits, which is a standard solvent (made unfit for human consumption), doesn't matter what we do with the description it remains disapproved, without any recourse to a manual review. Most of our competitors sell the same thing on google shopping without any problem at all. Indeed we've copied one of their descriptions and it still makes no difference.

Re: Automatic item disapprovals due to policy violation

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no two disapproval issues are necessarily alike.

issues can relate to the data being submitted,
the target-country, type of item, supply-chain,
the website, images, or some combination --
a single disapproval can be for multiple issues.

google has rather stringent rules, policies, and requirements for the
target-country, type of item, images, feed, supply-chain, and website.

generally, a hand-inspection of the submitted data (feed) and the
website, against all current rules, policies, and recommendations
might be done while working directly with google.

first, check the main dashboard within the
merchant-center for overall account status.

also, check the current-issues section under the diagnostics-tab for
specific account, data-feed, and items (website) issues -- by clicking
on each of the blue-boxed or flagged errors, warnings, or notifications.

also, check the specific feed status by clicking
on the data-feed's name under the feeds-tab.


if the api is being used to submit product-data

then, also check under the api-diagnostics tab.

also, check the individual item's status by clicking
on the item's title under the products-tab and
clicking on any link under the technical-details area --
in addition to any why-is-this-item-dispproved links.
check for any information under the technical-details.

also, check the emails listed under the settings-tab --
where google would send an email detailing the issues;
be certain google is not blocked via spam or similar
filters and the always-send-results option is selected.

otherwise, forum members cannot look into any submitted data or accounts --
we would typically need specific information such as exact status information,
any exact messages, screen-captures, registered url, exact data submitted,
data-feed and account histories, etc, posted here within the public forum
[minus any personal or private information] to help diagnose any potential
issues or offer more specific suggestions.

generally, google may disapprove an item, feed, or website at any time.

otherwise, simply contact or re-contact google directly and ask
for a merchant-center, product-listing-ad, support specialist.

see also

Re: Automatic item disapprovals due to policy violation

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None of those suggestions have proved relevant I'm afraid. Googles response is that the system they use to disapprove products is automatic, and there is absolutely nothing they can do for us.

Re: Automatic item disapprovals due to policy violation

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first, thank you for the update and clarification.

certain, specific, disapprovals are automatic and final --
if a person at google is indicating that a specific
disapproval falls under that particular category
then, there is usually nothing that can be done.

that is the main reason for the last suggestion --
to contact a support specialist directly at google;
especially if the disapproval issue is not obvious.

however, that is not true for all disapprovals --
some disapproval issues have very simply fixes
such as submitting a proper image for example.

Re: Automatic item disapprovals due to policy violation

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@Celebird - You may remember me from yesterday. I'm working through older threads to see if anyone else is getting this same statement from Google. I've been hearing the following for a couple of months now...

Direct quote from a Google support rep: "I checked into this and found that our team has identified a technical issue that is causing automatic disapprovals due to policy violations in instances where the products would otherwise be approved. Until the issue has been resolved, I'd recommend resubmitting the items with different descriptions and product Ids as a temporary workaround."

A word to anyone else who's been told this same thing - It doesn't really work. You may see that the product, under it's new ID, is allowed. It's highly likely though that if this is happening in your account, you will see this same product or others disapproved again, and for no good reason.

Most would agree that assigning a new ID to a product is not recommended, maybe even a violation of policy. In the event that a product is disallowed for no apparent reason even Google recommends it. They recommend this only as a totally last-ditch-effort.

I repeat - re-assigning IDs and rewriting Descriptions has not resolved the issue for my clients - their account continue to be plagued by this issue.

Furthermore, as a merchant it is *your* responsibility to know Google's policy. If you've been disapproved and there's nothing online to support that, contact Google support. If Google can't tell you why you're disapproved, it may be that you're seeing the effects of this issue.


Re: Automatic item disapprovals due to policy violation

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I contacted Google after running into this as well. From the recent reply I got it appears this issue still persists at least one year later:


I took a look at the products you specified in your email and, unfortunately, at this time, it seems that those products are actually being disapproved due to the automated systems we have in place on our end, and we are unable to manually override these types of disapprovals at this point. I want to make sure you know that we understand that this is an issue affecting your account, as well as other accounts, and that our technical & engineering teams are diligently working on providing a fix for these sorts of issues. However, at this point I do not have an expected date by which the issue will be resolved, but I have confidence that the team is actively working on this.


Next steps
I am so sorry that at this point there is no better answer besides this one, but be sure that I've exhausted my resources in trying to figure out a workaround to this issue. In my experience, I have seen some people have success with submitting the disapproved products with a brand new item ID and description, so as to refresh the product in Merchant Center, so you may want to attempt this as a potential workaround although I cannot guarantee that it will work in this instance.


We want to make sure that our tools and products allow you to succeed as an advertiser and I really encourage you to pass the feedback along about this issue to our product/process feedback form for AdWords and any products that touch AdWords - in this case, Merchant Center. You can do this from within your Adwords account > Settings gear > Send Feedback.


- Jen

Re: Automatic item disapprovals due to policy violation

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