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Automatic item disapprovals due to policy violation

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I was wondering what to do with products like this: Tigi bed head Recharge High Octane Conditioner?


I have this product dissaproved and it is not because of description, because I tried to delete description and it is still blocked.


So I suppose it is because of the word: Octane


Eventhough this product has nothing to do with chemical compound, it gets blocked. Google Account said he cannot do anything about it.
If I change name of the product, it might not be relevant anymore.


One option to get rid of this error in merchant center is not generate this product to the feed. Is this the only option? Is there a way to get around this? Would you try to rename the product and give it a shot or you would just simply forget about this product and its promotion in Google Shopping?







Re: Automatic item disapprovals due to policy violation

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Hi Alex,


I personally, before making any changes, seek advice directly from Google on these matters.


If the reasoning is what you believe, then removing the word/words would be an option. 


This would only be the case for automated violations, so if the item was granted a disapproval due to the item, re-wording to bypass systems is not advisable as it can cause complete suspension or account.


As we are talking of a conditioner, I would assume this is solely an automated review and status and therefore re-wording, so long as it is still relevant to the item would be a possible solution, although, I cannot guarantee it.