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Automatic item disapprovals due to policy violation

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Some of my products been marked with "Automatic item disapprovals due to policy violation" however that is not the case, usually there is a manual request however this is not available for these products. What are my options here?




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Re: Automatic item disapprovals due to policy violation

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Automatic item disapprovals due to policy violation

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(a) first, click on the red-icon and the learn-more links,
within the item-status details area, for more information
on any potential options available for a fix.

(b) then, fix any reported issues, within the submitted data,

or with the image, or on the website, or some combination

of all three, and resubmit the product inventory to google,
for an automated re-review, typically within 72-hours.

in some cases, if an issue cannot be fixed, then the
item must be removed and never submitted again --

other campaign-types or ad-formats may be considered.

(c) the link to request a manual-review is only available for a certain,
specific, set of policy violations -- not for all possible policy issues.

otherwise, google may be contacted --


Re: Automatic item disapprovals due to policy violation

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It won't let me click on the red and the learn more is so generic there is no info why my product failed, I mean it's only herbal and edible tea, I checked over the description and there is nothing that stands out to me which surpasses any rule.

Automatic item disapprovals due to policy violation

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in that case, the red-circle is likely a hover-over -- not a click --
and if the learn-more link is generic that may indicate there are

multiple issues triggering the disapproval, or may offer some

hints to others who have encountered a similar scenario.

regardless, any herb-based products are considered health related,
and most often flagged for claims made about the product, claims
make about the product's ingredients, or any claim made about
results or outcomes when using the product -- anyplace within the
submitted data or anyplace on the website -- not just descriptions.


for example, prevents kidney inflammation.

that said, this is mainly a peer-to-peer public forum --
forum-members can mainly offer suggestions based on
the information and details posted here in public.

the best likely course is to continue working with google.

google is the final arbiter of all policies.