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Automatic item disapprovals due to policy violation: examples - What is the violation?

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I have 18 items automatically disapproved due to policy violation. All the relevant fields are complete and I have read the policy guidelines and can find nothing of relevance. I called Google support this morning who couldn't identify the issue either and told me to change id, title and description and resubmit and this would likely fix it. It hasn't. Don't know what to do now. The weird thing is there are very similar items which have gone through without a hitch. NB Products were submitted via Google Shopping app in Shopify.

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Re: Automatic item disapprovals due to policy violation: examples - What is the violation?

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such disapprovals are indeed automatic and algorithmic
based on inspecting a sample of information submitted.

as was indicated, currently, about the only way to address the issue
is trial-and-error, by changing the title and description, typically
at the source on the website -- or to not submit such items, at all.

words or phrases that trigger such automatic disapprovals typically relate to:
(a) any promotional-text that does not explain only the physical item;
(b) any promotions or stray marks such as non-standard capitalization or html;
(c) any double entendre related to mature topics or offensive language;
(d) any content that violates google policies;
(e) any text that may relate to trademarked or copyrighted words or phrases.
(f) items that violate policies (e.g. knock-offs, restricted by trademark. etc).

or, some combination of any or all of these areas.

inspecting the items under the products-tab, by clicking on an item's
title, within the merchant-center, shows the text, after processing --
one strategy is to only change one item that is disapproved in an
attempt to find a pattern and a root-cause.

posting more specific information about specific disapproved items,
here within the public forums, may allow others to offer more specific
suggestions related to specific words or phrases that may be a trigger.

note that the examples are just that -- a random-sample to help in
tracking-down a root-cause so that the same, similar, information is
not submitted again, for any item, to help prevent future disapproval;
that is, similar items may go through without a hitch.