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Automatic item disapprovals due to policy violation - Horse Supplement

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Please can somebody offer some insight?

One of the products in the feed has been disapproved. I can't see a problem with it and when I called Google for help, they didn't offer a solution besides fetching the feed again, which I have to no effect.


There are 10 other products which are essentially the same thing with different purposes e.g. horse arthritis etc. 

These have all been approved and working fine.


I have checked the URL is correct, the price is and the category is the same as the other products so the only thing I can think of is the description.

I've looked around and can't find any triggers in the wording that might cause the issue. I've copied it below, can anybody spot anything wrong or suggest a fix?


Many thanks in advance



[Product Name] is a complementary feeding-stuff designed to provide Essential Nutrients needed to regenerate Strong Healthy Hoof growth replacing weak and crumbly hoof horn.

Weak and cracked hooves that will hardly ‘hold a shoe’? This is an all too common problem experienced by horse owners. [Product Name] regeneration Formula is essential for strong healthy feet needed to hold a shoe.

• Contains all essential building blocks needed for Healthy Hoof Growth - Biotin, Methionine, Lysine, Bioplex Minerals & MSM.

• Promotes strong and healthy foot growth.

• Ideal for horses and ponies prone to losing shoes.

• Great supplement to give horses prone to weak feet, i.e. Thoroughbreds, feet recovering from laminitis.

• A great tasting powder easily mixed in with feed.

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Automatic item disapprovals due to policy violation - Horse Supplement

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As this product is categorized as health benefits, all claims and statements not scientifically proven by a government body have to be removed both in the data feed and on the website.

Also make sure that the ingredients are not listed in the below link.


Hope this helps.



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Automatic item disapprovals due to policy violation - Horse Supplement

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 I have the same issue with a Fungicide and Insecticide Concentrate - that was Automatic item disapproval's due to policy violation.


I changes the title of the product to a totle that is the same product that was live on google shopping ! Update my feed / re processed it and it went live 24hrs after.


Might be worth a try (I just changed the title of the product) nothing else - you have to change the title to have it resubmitted google have told me.