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Automatic Item Updates - Australia

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In my merchant account I have a number of errors/warnings in my Data Quality relating to Automatic Item Updates. When I go to the Automatic Item Updates section it says:



None of your items in the following countries are currently being updated due to certain warnings:


What I don't understand is... is this an error with Google or with our datafeed? Do I need to do anything? I have contacted our shopping cart provider (BigCommerce) and they say our feed is all good and it's Google's problem. I have submitted two support tickets to Google in the last 3 weeks but received no reply to either of them...


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Re: Automatic Item Updates - Australia

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automatic-item-updates have nothing to do with the feed per se.

automatic-item-updates is a (new) feature that augments
the feed by using the microdata on your website to refresh
a specific subset of inventory data between feed re-uploads.

if automatic-item-updates is enabled within the merchant-center
then be certain the microdata on your website, for all inventory
items, is proper, accurate, and up-to-date.

otherwise, simply disable automatic-item-updates within the
merchant-center -- and be certain the feed re-uploads keep
pace with any inventory changes and match the website data
exactly, at all times; then, any messages directly related to
the automatic-item-updates feature may be ignored.

any mismatch whatsoever between the inventory data google has
and inventory data on the website or on-hand physical inventory
is a policy violation and grounds for item or feed disapproval or
a (permanent) suspension, at any time.

details are currently here: