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Assigning promo code to specific products in merchant feed

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I've been approved for promotions for my merchant feed, and I've set up my first promotion feed. I'm now at a loss as to how I'm supposed to tell it what products to apply that promo to. I've watched the how to videos, enabled the Add-on for my Google Sheets, but the column headers do not seem to be correct when I go into Edit Spreadsheet.


This looks like a place for editing multiple promotions. I only have one, and it will only apply to certain products.

I've searched for the appropriate Google Sheet template, but I either get the one above or the one for a standard product feed.

What steps am I missing?



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Re: Assigning promo code to specific products in merchant feed

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To apply a promotion to only certain products, you have to update your Promotions feed, as well as your Product Feed.

If you only have one promotion (or only run one or two at a time), I would suggest adding it with the "+ Promotion" button in the main interface (this will be easier than uploading a feed).

Then in your product feed, for every product that the promotion will apply to, update the "promotion_id" field with the same promotion_id you named in your promotions feed.

Re: Assigning promo code to specific products in merchant feed

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for the merchant-promotions-program if a promotion
covers only a subset of inventory-items then, simply:

within the promotion-feed:
(a) first, set the product_applicability attribute (column)
row value to SPECIFIC_PRODUCTS for that promotion;


then, supply the remaining values, especially a unique promotion_id

within the products-feed:
(b) add a promotion_id attribute (column) with a value
that corresponds exactly to the promotion_id value
in the promotion-feed -- or do not submit a value if

no promotions apply to that inventory-item.

in the products-feed, a maximum of 10 promotion_id
values can be mapped to one, single, inventory-item --
for a tab-delimited feed either separate the promotion
id's by a comma or use multiple promotion_id columns;
for an xml-feed multiple promotion_id tags are required.

the promotion_id within (both) feeds --
promotion-feed and products-feed --
maps a promotion to an inventory-item,
unless, product_applicability is ALL_PRODUCTS

note that the promotion's title must reflect product_applicability

as an aside, there is no one, single, template (sheet) for a
promotion-feed that necessarily covers all possible scenarios --
the template may need to be modified for a specific use-case;

or, simply use the promotion-tool for single one-off promotions.

see also