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Are Text Ads for E-commerce dead with Shopping and and Showcase Ads?

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Hi everyone,


I was wondering what people think? shopping ads perform a lot better than normal text ads for e-commerce and now with showcase ads to target broader searches does this mean as an e-commerce website we should still be using text ads? I'm struggling to see the point in them, maybe for branded terms only?


What does everyone think?



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Are Text Ads for E-commerce dead with Shopping and and Showcase Ads?

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When it comes to advertising, as you already have discovered have allot of moving parts and allot of potential.


Me personally I see every part of advertising profitable if correctly setup. What I recommend you do is see the overall account performance. If you remove text ads, are your overall sales lower or the same? Is your profit lower or better?


I recommend you also look at your attribution. You will notice that customers have a different buying habit. Some might first see a shopping ad, than see a text ad, than buy

Some might first see a text ad than shopping, than remarketing than buy.


You see there are lots of combinations, and if you remove one element out, you most likely will see a decline in sales.


Research your data and understanding your customer is key to success.


Hope it helps.

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Are Text Ads for E-commerce dead with Shopping and and Showcase Ads?

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some types of e-commerce products simply do not convert as well with
shopping-ads or showcase-shopping-ads -- for example, if the product
images are not professional looking, or the products simply do not
perform well in a visually-rich environment, or landing-pages cannot
be updated to follow all shopping-ad related best-practices, etc.

also, since shopping-ads and text-ads may both be seen together,
and not violate google policies, some businesses can afford and
prefer the additional, potential, conversion paths.

generally, the business-goals should be defined before deciding on tactics --
for example, if the goal is global brand-awareness, 24 hours a day, every day,
then isolating a marketing strategy to only shopping-ads, is likely imprudent.

the best likely course, if possible, is usually to experiment with
various ad-formats and campaign-types and carefully measure
the results before, frequently during, and after, each iteration,
against a set of predefined business goals and objectives.