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Approved vs Disapproved

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It will take some time before we settle things with product identifiers in our ecommerce platform.

In the mean time I'd like to have as many products in the google shopping approved as possible.

Can somebody tell me why some of the products are approved with "Invalid GTIN value" and some are disapproved with "Item uses an unrecognizable GTIN" both having te same code (length)?

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Approved vs Disapproved

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Certain barcodes are disapproved based on Google's data. For example, a barcode starting with 2, 02 or 04 are reserved for in-store sale only. Which means there are not allowed to be sold online or outside of a store.

Barcodes starting with 05, 981, 982 or 983 are coupons, which can not be sold on Google Shopping


Certain barcodes might have been flagged for other violations based on historical data, which is not publicly known.


When submitting a product and if the manufacturer has assigned a barcode then you must add this info. If the product has a barcode and you can not add it for some reason then do not submit the product. Submitting inaccurate or false info may lead to the product being disapproved or the account being suspended.


If a product is flagged for unrecognizable GTIN, then it simply means it's not a correct barcode. Check the product packaging for the barcode or contact the manufacturer the find out the correct info.


Hope this helps.

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