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Analytics Not Tracking PLA Account

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Hey Guys,


I have a really strange problem that I just can't figure out in one of my client accounts. 


We have set up a brand new account solely for Product Listing Ads, with auto-tagging enabled and the account linked to analytics via adwords linking. 


The problem is that all visits that are coming from this PLA account are coming through as Organic!!


I have checked the tracking code and also the url's from the feed and all seems ok. There is a normal adwords account that has always been tracking fine.... 


Really don't know what else to do to get this working correctly. 


We have created countless number of PLA only accounts and they are all fine except for this one!


any suggestions?

Re: Analytics Not Tracking PLA Account

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Hi there,

If the Analytics and AdWords accounts are linked, you've got tagging enabled, and you've checked the Analytics code on your landing pages, I'd bet the reason the PLA traffic is being attributed to the wrong traffic source is because of an issue with the auto-tagging.

The gclid parameter may be dropping on the URL, which would mean Analytics wouldn't be able to identify that the visit was from AdWords.

Check out this article to test if the gclid is sticking for you:

If that isn't the culprit, let me know.

Re: Analytics Not Tracking PLA Account

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i give you simple suggestion simply remove the additional variable from your landing page and then check the traffic source for PLA and after that you that actual click then add
what u want.

one more option go to analytics and select the traffic source from left side bar then select the campaign name of PLA from then select the landing page from additional segment option.
because when your select the keyword of PLA then there is no data so Select landing page and then check the location of your landing page and check is something wrong with it

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Re: Analytics Not Tracking PLA Account

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Thanks for your replies, but figured out the solution. More along the lines of CocoP suggestions.


I remember a while back, we created a function to strip the url back when any parameters were on the end and create a 301 at the same time. This was because somehow the client had managed to replicate the whole site via one product, don't ask me how they did it, but they did!


So, I did a few tests with url builder and also the links themselves from various other PLA ads, and found that it was infact this redirect that was stripping the cookie!


Feel sheepish as this is the kind of thing that I would spot anyway!


Thanks for your feedback though! It's all fixed. :-)