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Am I in the right place to discuss Merchant Center MCC accounts?

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I manage a lot of feed data and would like them in one MCC, similar to search. I have been granted MCC access by Google. When I log into the feeds I manage, click on users and add myself as a user so the feed info will show up in my MCC account, I get the...


We were unable to add this email address because it is already associated with a different Merchant Center account.


..error message. Can anyone help? Obviously my email address is associated with another merchant center account. It is associated with the MCC???

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Re: Am I in the right place to discuss Merchant Center MCC accounts?

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there is a my-client-center-account for manging ads and there
is a merchant-center multi-client-account for managing feeds.

if the regular, original, merchant-center-account was
converted to a multi-client-account then, normally,
there should be no reason to, and no way to, add

yourself as a user; you are the main account user --
that is, the original merchant-center-account details
should have been moved to a sub-account beneath
the main, parent, multi-client-account (automatically).


as an aside, there should be no need for a multi-client-account simply
to manage a lot of feed data; the default merchant-center can handle

hundreds-of-thousands of items across different target-countries and
many multiple feeds -- a multi-client-account is mainly for (a) managing
multiple clients' feeds; (b) managing multiple client-feeds under one
marketplace-site; or (c) managing a set of top-level country domains;
although, this can most often be handled under the same site domain,
using one default account; e.g.


see also