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Am I allowed to charge processing fees on advertised products?

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I am wondering if there is any policy that addresses the issue of processing/handling fees for products offered on google shopping, I came across quite a few stores that do it in different ways or forms. this seems to be a good way to offer free shipping because google shopping will show Free Shipping and will not advertise the added fees at checkout. 


is this within the shopping/advertising policies? 

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Am I allowed to charge processing fees on advertised products?

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The adding processing/handling fees is a very out-dated concept and I can't recall seeing it anywhere in recent years. Offering free shipping but then adding a handling fee is deceptive and not recommended. Such fees would count as shipping in the eyes of Google.


What should be included in shipping

Shipping covers the cost charged by a shipping carrier or other cost directly related to shipping. A charge is considered to be a shipping cost if it’s described using the words "handling", "delivery", "shipping", "logistics", or "carrier". Shipping can include cross-border charges if the cost is included under a shipping term on your website. Shipping should also include insurance costs related to any of the five terms above



Am I allowed to charge processing fees on advertised products?

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it's happening nowadays big time in some product categories. I am just wondering if it's within the policies. 

Am I allowed to charge processing fees on advertised products?

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indicating free shipping when handling, processing,

delivery, or related charges, are involved is a policy

violation and grounds for disapproval or permanent

suspension from the program by google, at any time.


creating any scenario in which additional or undisclosed payment obligations
exist during payment processing, or related e-commerce checkout-flows, is an
example of the misrepresentation related policies -- once found and flagged,
such suspensions are rarely lifted and no advertising with google, whatsoever,

forever, is often the final result.


the entire, complete, and full expense that a user will bear, both
before and after purchase, must be fully and clearly indicated by
the price, tax if applicable, and the shipping attribute or settings.


google does not check all potential violations all the time --

but may re-check or re-review a business, how a business

interacts with customers and related reviews, supply-chains,

inventory details, the types of products being sold, images,

all submitted data, listed products, all account details,

website, landing-page details, etc., over time, at any time.


potential policy violations by others may be reported to google.