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(All) Shopping Ads don't show in my search results

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Shopping Ads (PLA) don't show up in my SERPs. 


It's not those of my campaigns, but ALL of them. I looked into settings, contacted AdWords support. Nobody knows why.


I don't see them:

  • in Chrome, logged in (different accounts, gmail & others)
  • in Chrome, not logged in
  • in Chrome, incognito (no extensions)
  • in Safari

i DO see them: 

  • in FF (not logged into G)
  • iPad, logged in
  • iPad, not logged in
  • using my wife's account on the same computers & browsers as above

I'm completely stuck with this. So any ideas are welcome! 

Re: (All) Shopping Ads don't show in my search results

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Hi Krist,

Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool work for text ads only. But there is a small tweak, you can use it for Product Listing Ads too. Try entering your keyword at the bottom search bar, and it will show whether your ads are running or not.

If you repeatedly search for your own ad using Google Search but never click on it, you may stop seeing it. That's because Google's system detects the IP address of your computer, and stops
showing you ads that it thinks you aren't interested in. Remember to use the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool to view your ad as it appears in Google search results instead of performing a regular search. It prevents you from racking up impressions while you try to locate your ad.

Re: (All) Shopping Ads don't show in my search results

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Hey Kristof,

The most likely reason would be a setting you have changed within those browsers. The fact that incognito mode does not dispaly them leads me to think it is not ad blocking software you have added and thus it must be a setting.

The only setting that I can think of relating to this would be under advanced> content settings.
See if those 3 are all enabled (images being the most likely culprit).

I can not think of another setting that might be affecting this, will have a fiddle with them when I get a chance.

the other option is to import the settings and bookmarks from your wife's account and see if that fixes the issue.
This import feature can be found in the settings too. Log into your account and make sure your wife is a user then import her settings.

Let me know how this goes.

Good luck

Re: (All) Shopping Ads don't show in my search results

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Settings look fine, Clynton.

Importing my wife's bookmarks wouldn't be helpful, because I'm encountering this in Chrome AND Safari?

What i did now was create a brand new Chrome profile which I didn't link to a Google account. That one is showing me PLAs!