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After uploading my feed 'successful: 0 / 528'

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Hi all


I'm new to Google Merchants and not sure where I am going wrong. I followed a tutorial about uploading my csv file for products and managed to get it uploaded and showing no errors, but my items are showing 0/528 successful.


I'm not sure if I need to wait for approval for it to show otherwise, or if I missed some setting as this is my first time trying it.


Any help would be appreciated

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After uploading my feed 'successful: 0 / 528'

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csv is not documented as a supported format.

try re-saving the file as .txt tab-delimited and resubmit the feed --
then, carefully inspect the feed's status details -- by clicking on the
feed's name, under the products-feeds tab, of the merchant-center:

only successfully processed items are reviewed for policy issues.

be certain the business, website, landing-page, and all submitted data,
adhere to all shopping-ad/merchant-center rules and policies -- before

resubmitting the live feed.

try using a test-feed, to correct all issues --
before resubmitting the live/active data-feed.

see also


After uploading my feed 'successful: 0 / 528'

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Thank you for the reply


I'm not 100% sure of all the required fields though. Currently I have 



It's for a computer store and I read that some fields may be required for example availablity, but am hoping to set this up without using that field for the time being?

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After uploading my feed 'successful: 0 / 528'

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first, you're welcome.

to avoid a disapproval or (permanent) suspension from the program,
be certain that all required product inventory details are submitted,

per all google's rules and policies.

availability is critical, required, and must reflect the merchant's
current on hand, physical inventory, stock details, at all times.

google only wants complete and accurate data to be submitted.

all submitted data must reflect the manufacturer's legal global-trade-data,
the physical reality of the merchant's physical inventory, and the website.

id, title, description, link, image_link, availability, condition, price,
are required for most items; brand and gtin from the manufacturer,

as stamped on the product, are required for most brand-name items,

otherwise, identifier_exists must be submitted with a value of no and

brand, gtin, and mpn should not be submitted, at all, for that item;

item_group_id and size or color, are required for most variant items;

google_product_category is required for most types of items and

product_type both help with defining and creating product-groups,

to bid on groups of items and compete in the ad-auctions.

again, csv is not officially supported -- submit a .txt tab-delimited file;
simply re-save the file as .txt tab-delimited and re-upload that .txt file,

as the feed.


the 0/528 message indicates issues with the file's format or similar detail --

be certain to inspect the feed's status details by clicking on the feed-name.


consider using a test-feed until all issues are fixed.

if joomla is being used, consider contacting the
developer of the site or ask in the joomla forums,
for help from others who may have successfully
submitted inventory-data for google-shopping-ads:


otherwise, consider not using the merchant-center;

rather, use other ad-formats and campaign-types --

other than shopping-ads -- to begin advertising,

at least initially:

otherwise, the best likely course would be to contact google directly,

so that a person can look into the account and the submitted data.

what is currently required by google for shopping-ads is defined here:


After uploading my feed 'successful: 0 / 528'

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Thank you


You've been a great help. I'm sure I can get it sorted from here. I think the problem must be with all the fields that I left out