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After price update in Shopify my products get disapproved

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PROBLEM: Every time we update prices on our Shopify website, Google merchant center appears to detect a price mismatch between the price submitted in the feed, and what it detects on the website. When we follow the URL on the website though, the price is identical to what is send in the feed.


This causes our products that had a price change to be disapproved. It appears to take ages before the issue is then resolved. Does anyone else have/had a similar problem and know about a solution?




  • We are using Shopify's own Google Shopping App to sync products to the merchant center
  • We are using a hidden collection to which we add products. This collection is than used to produce the feed into the merchant center.

As some of our listings are time critical and time-limed promotions, having our products delisted for a few days is a MAJOR issue!  Any ideas?




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Re: After price update in Shopify my products get disapproved

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google may sometimes take 24-72 hours
to update prices within google-shopping
after a data-feed has been submitted.

generally, for such time-sensitive items the choices are:
(a) (work with shopify support to) send data-feed
updates more frequently -- up to four times a day;
(b) implement microdata (rich-snippets) on the website to
fill the gap between site (price) changes and feed updates;

(c) consider implementing the content-api for such items;
(d) do not submit time-critical items as product-listing-ads --
forgo advertising such items or consider other ad-formats.


the price submitted to google, the price displayed for a

product-listing-ad, the single displayed price for the item

on the site, and the default add-to-cart price, must match,

exactly, for all users, regardless of location, at all times.

otherwise, being flagged too often or too frequently for
(price mismatch) violations can trigger a suspension --
google may disapprove an item or feed or (permanently)
suspended a website, merchant, or account, at any time.