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Adwords keyword ==

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We have an extremely high (~90%) bounce rates on visitors from our Product Listing Ads. Our organic search traffic doesn't come close to that, which points to our PLAs being served to people who aren't actually searching for our products.


I called Adwords support with some analytics data today and wasn't able to get an answer to this:


The Keywords listed for our highest Exit Page is "brand==patio comfort". What does this mean? 


In Google Shopping there is no search by Brand. When I search for "patio comfort" in Google Shopping most of the products displayed are patio heaters, which is correct and relevant.


Our product titles in Google Shopping conform to best practices (left to right, etc).


Is the solution adding negative keywords?


Thanks for your insight.


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Re: Adwords keyword ==

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first, be certain that existing tracking details are accurate --
otherwise, a reported bounce-rate may simply be inaccurate.

within and outside of google-shopping there is a search by brand --
depending on the search-terms used, a brand may be selected
directly within google-shopping, as a right-hand-side option that
can appear dynamically, or indirectly by specifying a brand within
the search-terms.

all attributes and values may contribute to quality --
especially both the title and description attributes.

also, check all attributes and values, to be certain that no information
submitted is causing irrelevant terms to trigger the ad -- irrelevant data
can be as harmful as not enough relevant data; be certain to remove or
change any irrelevant data (attribute values) that might trigger an item.

for example, an irrelevant product_type value.

also, a landing-page for shopping may have different expectations
than organic-search -- such as seeing the exact item being sold,
immediately, with no pop-ups, etc; somewhat related, be certain
the link landing-page displays the information accurately and in
the best form for the devices and browsers triggering the ads.

however, forum-members can mainly offer suggestions based on the information
posted here within the public-forum; having more exact information, such as an
exact link value, might allow forum-members to offer more exact suggestions.

otherwise, yes, adding negative-words can
be a good option, depending on the details.

Re: Adwords keyword ==

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Thank you for your comprehensive reply.

This is the product landing page url

In the last 30 days all of our traffic (238 pageviews) came from google shopping for keyword brand==patio comfort , and 229 exited. I see that same pattern for other products.

I will look at attributes, values, etc.

Re: Adwords keyword ==

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first, you're welcome.

that item seems relevant for the brand -- the same item is sold by more than
a dozen merchants, about half with the same price and the price is non-trivial;
about half of those have rather high seller-ratings.

the explaination might be as simple as a user planning a set
of large purchases for their new patio, bookmarking a search,
and checking back for merchant details or comparing other
merchant's sites.

one possibility is to try and assertain any subsequent behavior on the site.